Quantcast SEMI-TRAILERS-FLAT CARS Item No.  of Pcs. Description A Brake Wheel Clearance.  See Fig.  2, Section No.  1. B 2 each wheel. Blocks, Pattern 47.  Locate one against front and rear of each wheel.  Secure heel of block to floor with three 60-D nails and toe-nail side faces, where accessible, to floor with one 60-D nail.  Substitute, if desired, block pattern 16 or 17, using suitable size nails. C 2 Axle Support Base, 2 in.  x 4 in.  x 16 in.  lumber.  Secure to Item "D" with three 30-D nails and to floor with eight 20-D nails each. D 2 Vertical Axle Support, 4 in.  x 4 in.  x 15 1/4 in.  lumber, height may vary.  Locate under axle. E 2 1 in.  x No.  14 B.W.  Gage Hot Rolled Steel Strap.  Pass around top of axle and secure each end to side of Item "D" with two 8-D nails.  CAUTION: If brake line tubing runs along top of axle, pass the steel strap between axle and tubing so that tubing is not flattened or damaged. F 2 Vertical Axle Block, 4 in.  x 4 in.  lumber, length as required.  Locate over axle and under sill of unit. G As required No.  8 Gage Black Annealed Wire.  Encircle Item "F" and spring housing.  Use also for secure- 4 locations. ment of Item "O" to front of trailer frame, both sides. H 4 Diagonal Axle Blocks, 2 in.  x 4 in.  x 33 in.  lumber.  Locate against spring housing and secure each to floor with two 20-D nails.  Apply after Items "D" and "F" are secured. J 2 Crosstie, 2 in.  x 4 in.  x 43 in.  lumber.  Locate on top of Items "H" about % the distance from top and secure each end to Items "H" with two 20-D nails. K 4 Cleat, 2 in.  x 4 in.  x 16 in.  lumber.  Locate against bottom of Items "H" and secure each to floor with six 20-D nails. L 2 Wheel Side Blocking, Block Pattern 89, Section No.  6.  Use suitable protective material, such as waterproof paper or burlap, between tire and blocking.  Locate bottom portion of pro- tective material under Item "L", top portion to extend two inches above Item "L". E-81

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